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Amethyst is a stone of spirituality. It helps to clear your aura and to stabilise any dysfunctional energy located within ones body. This stone promotes the love of the divine while encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom.Amethyst is also a powerful protective stone. It guards you against psyc..
Unique Carnelian spheres with natural features and a blend of saturated colours. Each piece comes with a free stand.61C has half of the sphere covered in Quartz druzy formation, which gives plenty of sparkle to the piece. Carnelian is a stone which brings drive and energy, inspiring one to take the ..
We have finally restocked these extremely rare yet gorgeous pieces from Indonesia! These Botryoidal beauties are found only in Indonesia. Each piece has a myriad of colours from green, to blue, to purple. They are semi-polished and raw on one side.Grape Agate is for improving work efficiency and men..
Truly a unique large piece, with deep sparkly druzy, and beautiful white and blue bandings. This Druzy Agate Sphere from Brazil is definitely one for the keeps!The term “Druzy” is referred to the tiny, glittery and shimmering crystal structure that is formed on the surface of the host stone. In the ..
Patterns of white and purple, with light pink sparkles cover this sphere. High-quality material and very nice purple-pink tones. Mica which is present in Lepidolite creates the sparkly inclusions.In the past, people would rub lepidolite hoping to absorb some of the mood lightening properties it has...
8cm Sphere, gorgeous polish and has some Pink Tourmaline and Quartz inclusions. Lepidolite relieves worries and balances the emotions. The presence of lithium in this stone which is widely used in medicine, relieves anxiety and stress.In the past, people would rub lepidolite hoping to absorb some of..
Pure Copper Spheres 3cm across each weighing 120g and super shiny! Copper mined in Michigan, USA. Gorgeous spheres which shine even in natural light and have a very unique pinkish orange colour. Finish on these polished spheres is perfect.Copper is one of the oldest metals in use. It rose to promine..
Extremely high grade Rainbow Obsidian spheres which look enchanting under the light. Each piece has numerous rings of various colours, making the name Rainbow Obsidian.  Rainbow Obsidian was formed when lava once cooled at different times, and captured Magnetite nanoparticles within these layer..
eautiful and intricate iridescent swirls which remind us of the famous Starry Night painting.  Charoite, often referred to as a Stone of Transformation, is a rare stone from Russia. It helps one to turn negative emotions into positive ones! Additionally, it heightens one’s inner strength, self-..
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